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iRietumu Mobile Banking – Now for Android OS

29-Jun-2015 / Products & Services Rietumu Bank has launched a new online banking application iRietumu for devices operating on Android platform, both for mobile phones and tablets. Thus, the remote round the clock full-fledged banking is now available for devices of popular operating systems — iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile users can use Mobile Digipass.

Rietumu has become the first bank in the Baltic States offering remote control over their accounts through mobile application to its customers. The application for Apple device users was available already since 2010, but recently iRietumu banking became available for users of Windows- and Android-based devices.

The iRietumu mobile application allows its bank customers to perform all the main banking operations — payments, currency exchange, card replenishment, getting information and statements on deposits, loans and investment portfolios, make all the orders and receive notifications — in just a few clicks, practically anywhere in the world, any time of the day.

In recent years, Rietumu regularly confirms its leadership position in the development of “human face” of business technologies. Most recently, it has become the first in the Baltics and one of the first in Europe to integrate Digipass into banking mobile application, therefore allowing its customers to leave their "physical" code calculators locked at home.

Digipass for Mobile is really a unique of identification system for clients using the bank via mobile devices; it generates both a one-time password to log into the Internet bank and a unique digital signature for external payments. The important and unique is the fact that the built-in mobile Digipass is an absolute analogue — functionally and visually — to the "physical" authorization device able to generate passwords and keys even in an offline mode, for example, while communicating with the bank via phone.

Of course, the new Internet banking application meets modern requirements for reliability and security at remote account management, has several levels of encryption and data protection.

The unique system of mobile Digipass was developed in cooperation with VASCO — a world leader in the development of authorization devices.

When developing the application, Rietumu experts paid special attention to simplicity and user-friendliness of the mobile Internet — these qualities have long ago become a part of "corporate identity" for technologies of this Latvian bank. At the same time, Senior Vice-President of Rietumu Eugene Dugaev puts it this way: "Of course, one of the basic requirements for Internet banking application is the uncompromising safety standards. However, we also understand that the application will be used by ordinary people who should consider it simple, clear and comfortable. Most of the operations in iRietumu can be performed in just a few clicks, besides you do not need any additional tokens. Also, our application provides for an opportunity of simultaneously connecting several Digipasses to a single device, for other family members; there also addition safety measures to protect the application from kids. The tablet, for example, in real life is a family device sometimes used by children for gaming, and this kind of protection will prevent accidental manipulations with your bank account. It is important that the super-level of security allows us to fully preserve internet banking functionality on mobile device; and our clients are free to conduct serious operations at any time".

The application for Android is already available on Google Play entitled "iRietumu". You can download it, install it on your device, and use it together with your existing token.
If you want to be able to leave your physical token at house, you can get a QR-code from your personal manager to activate Digipass for Mobile.

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