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In Latvia Has Been Opened the Festival “Golden Mask in Latvia”

05-Oct-2016 / Products & Services Last weekend the theatre festival “Golden Mask in Latvia” opened. This year it is being held for the eleventh time and again with the traditional support of Rietumu Bank. Spectators will be able to see performances in Riga, Ventspils and Liepaja.

The 11th festival “Golden Mask in Latvia” opened in Ventspils with the musical O. Henry’s Christmas staged by Aleksey Frandetti of the Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre. On the 2 of October the charity performance was held on the New Stage of the Latvian National Opera for the medical personnel of the Children’s Clinical University Hospital with their children as well as for families of the Latvian Fire and Rescue Service.

During the press conference Director of the festival in Latvia Julija Lochmele thanked the Director of the Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre and all the actors for their charity performance.

The Festival “Golden Mask in Latvia” lasts for more than 10 years. During all this period it has created around itself cultural and educational components. Each year it’s more and more visible, – said the Head of PR and Marketing Department of Rietumu Sergey Grodnikov.

The question about current cultural cooperation between Russia and Latvia has been discussed separately. Mrs. Lochmele said: “There is an agreement on cultural cooperation between ministries of culture of Russia and Latvia. Each year we are adding new points. It’s very important for us and we are grateful to the support from the state, without which this festival in Latvia could hardly be organised”.

This year’s festival playbill is eventful. Among performances to be presented in Riga, Liepaja and Ventspils, there are Gogol’s Players (Alexander Kuznetsov’s project –diploma work of students from the Yevgeny Kamenkovich and Dmitry Krymov Workshop at RATI-GITIS), In One’s Own Words. А. Pushkin “Eugene Onegin” staged by the Dmitry Krymov Laboratory (Moscow Theatre Scenic Art School), Ivan Vyrypaev’s Drunken staged by Andrey Moguchy (actors of the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre, St. Petersburg).

And, in conclusion, Ivan Shmelev’s Man from a Restaurant staged by the Raikin Satirikon Theatre (Moscow) will be shown, with Konstantin Raikin starring. The festival’s special programme includes discussion of the performances, workshops, master classes with participation of students, professors, actors, official receptions and charity events.

There has been created a great tradition during the past years – a tree planting in the city centre. The actors of Satirikon Theatre in the company of the directors of the festival, representatives of embassies of two countries will participate in this event this year.

For information: during the time of the festival 13 trees have already been planted in Riga – five golden-leaved willows at the Latvian National Opera, four acacias in Kronvalda Park and four black alders opposite Bastion Hill.

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