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Rietumu Gallery: Abstract Expressionism from Finland

10-May-2017, 15:23 / Products & Services
An exhibition of modern Finnish art “Reflecting Rothko” has been opened at the art gallery of Rietumu Bank.

The name of the exhibition reveals both the subject and the style trend of the works - based on paintings of Mark Rothko. It is worth reminding that the classic of the world’s painting was born in the territory of modern Latvia, in the city of Dvinsk (now Daugavpils).

Mark Rothko is the artist whose name is associated with abstract painting and colour field; he is considered to be the founder of abstract expressionism. In his artistic career, there was the place for figurative painting, tachisme too, as well as pure surrealism. Rothko asserted that the essence of art is the art itself, the material manifestation of the world outlook of an artist. Both then and now, experts are unanimous in the opinion that his “colour field painting” is about an artist making colour to impact the spectator.

The exhibition of Finnish painters in Rietumu Bank represents works in different technique and genres - next to painting, there is sculpture, photography and video installations. What is impressive, is that some paintings are done not only on canvasses, but also on glass and alloys of inexpensive metals.

Interesting are portraits depicting Mark Rothko, as well as abstract paintings with plenty of shades of different colours. With their expressive play of colours, the artists from Finland try to cause emotions, feelings and draw attention of the spectators to the contribution of Mark Rothko to the world art.

The exhibition was opened by authors of the works who arrived to Latvia specially for this purpose: Luca Delgado, Tapani Hyypia, Jari Jarstrom, Asko Niemela-Koura, Mikko Paakkola, Dan Palmgren, Veikko Saarivaara, Jarmo Vellonen, Mika Vesalahti, Mia Waire. There were words of gratitude extended to the bank for the opportunity to organise the exposition, as well as praising speeches addressed to Mark Rothko, who had won the hearts of modern Finnish painters.

The organiser of the exhibition is the union of Finnish artists ARTEGROUND, established in 2009 for the purpose of popularising Finnish art abroad and maintaining cultural links between neighbouring countries. From the Latvian side, the assistance in the exhibition organising was provided by the modern art gallery ASUNA.

The exhibition will run until 19 May; opening hours - Mon-Fri 9 am to 6:00 pm. As always, admission is free. Address: Head Office of the Bank - 7 Vesetas Street, Riga.

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