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With the Support of Rietumu Bank, Laima Vaikule Festival Is Held in Jurmala

20-Jul-2017, 16:05 / Charity & Sponsorship
The “Laima Vaikule. Rendezvous” musical festival , which has been held in the famous resort with the support of Rietumu Bank since 2015, will start in Jurmala today.

This is the third big festival project held this year in Latvia with the participation of Rietumu Bank.

The history of the Rendezvous festival started in 2015, when the pop star Laima Vaikule came up with an idea to gather her friends - famous singers and musicians from different countries - in Jurmala at the peak of the high season. And now every year a series of concerts of popular artists is held here, on the stage of the legendary Dzintari Concert Hall.

Rietumu Bank has been supporting the festival from the time of its foundation, and today Rendezvous has become a traditional summer event in Jurmala, its programme becoming even more interesting and saturated.

At the press conference devoted to the festival opening, Member of the Council of Rietumu Bank Alexander Gafin said, “I would like to extend my gratitude to Laima and her team for the important mission they have undertaken. This mission can be named with one word - unite. If at the end of the 20th century persons and peoples strained for communication and rapprochement, then today some political forces in different regions of the world attempt to disconnect them. This is in conformity with the goals of these politicians, but not the interests of ordinary people - both culture and business suffer from this.

Cooperation, communication, establishment of tight contacts are vitally important for businesses. These days, in Jurmala, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Rietumu Bank, and our clients and partners from more than 20 countries arrived to these festivities. They spoke about the same thing - mutual understanding and cooperation. And we are glad to support Laima, who gathers her friends from all over the world in this wonderful place - musicians from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and many other countries arrive to the festival.”

Starting from Thursday, during four nights, Dzintari Concert Hall will have the performances of Chris Norman, Valery Leontiev, Elena Vaenga, Grigory Leps, Stas Mikhailov, Intars Busulis, opera divas Hibla Gerzmava and Kristine Opolais, as well as many other artists, both widely recognised and young, but compulsorily talented and bright.

Apart from the Laima festival, this year Rietumu Bank has supported big events in culture such as “Five Evenings with Gennady Khazanov” in Riga Russia Theatre and the international festival of classical music and opera “Baltic Musical Seasons”, whose concerts are held in Jurmala throughout the entire summer.

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