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“Cimmerian Summer” in Rietumu

21-Mar-2019, 11:03 / Charity & Sponsorship An exhibition named the “Cimmerian Summer” of the Latvian painter Nikolajs Djomins has opened in Rietumu Bank’s Gallery.

Nikolajs Djomins studied under recognised masters such as Abraham Bykov, Vitaliy Korkunov and Kurts Fridrihsons.

The painter works in drawing, watercolour, tempera and oil and in different genres – portrait, landscape and still life. His compositions are distinguished for their bright brushwork, and his portraits, for their deep penetration into the psychological state and mastery technical performance.

The current exhibition presents the works united by a common theme of a sunny, warm and flavourful southern summer, and performed in pastel.

The exhibition is open on working days from 9.00 to 17.00 until 5 April. Admission, as always, is free.

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