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Rietumu Bank accomplished successful bonds emission

10-Dec-2015 / Notifications On 10 December Rietumu Bank issued two-year corporate bonds.

The bonds aroused high interest among investors and subscription passed very successfully. Rietumu bonds reflect the main principles of bank’s investments politics and are both low-risk and competitive income level financial instruments.

Bonds were issued in EUR and USD with the fixed rate of return as 2% and 2.25% p.a. respectively. Bond subscription proceeded from 22 October 2015 till 26 November 2015. 100% of the offered volume were placed.

According to the Member of the Board of Rietumu Bank, Rolf Fuls, «We highly appreciate our Latvian and international clients reliance while they were very interested in investing in the bank’s corporate bonds. Now, during the extremely low interest rates period, we strongly stick to one of our main priorities of offering our clients financial instruments with both low-risk level and quite competitive income».

The nominal value of one bond issued in euro is EUR 50 000, and in US dollars – USD 75 000. The interest will be paid to investors twice a year.

Rietumu Bank’s bonds will be listed on the NASDAQ Riga.

If required, holders of Rietumu Bank’s bonds will be able to receive financing in the bank as the collateral using such securities – up to 90% of their current market value.

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