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Mortgage loan

Rietumu offers a range of mortgages that are designed to assist individual needs of our customers.

Mortgage-secured loans are available:
  • to finance acquisition of residential real estate;
  • to refinance existing mortgage loans with other banks (residential real estate refinancing only);
  • to finance other needs you might have in mind, subject to prior alignment with the Bank.

Your currently owned real estate assets or a property to-be-acquired can serve as collateral.
United Kingdom
(major cities)
Loan type
Private individual
Private individual
Loan currency
Loan amount
Starting from 200 000 EUR
Starting from 700 000 EUR
Individually agreed
Individually agreed
Repayment period
Up to 15 years
Up to 20 years
Residential real estate
Residential real estate
Other conditions
Arrangement fee (application fee) – 0,05 % оf the total loan amount, min 450 EUR, max 3000 EUR
Arrangement fee (application fee) - 0,1% of the total loan amount, min 1500 GBP
Additional information
Rietumu Bank can offer one-stop solution for real estate selection, evaluation and acquisition, for both residential and commercial property offered by Apella. Special financing terms are applicable, loan application is reviewed and decision is granted faster.

* Rietumu can also finance acquisition of your new property against mortgage on real estate located in other EU countries or in Russian Federation.

The Credit Committee of the Bank takes the final decision on loan approval and the financing conditions. No commitments on conditions or lending terms can be made prior CC decision. The loan is transferred to Client’s account (or an Escrow account) after the Loan Agreement, Collateral Agreement and other required documents have been signed and loan conditions are met by the Client. Rietumu is not providing financing to real estate deals that can be classified as speculative transactions.

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