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Leasing in Belarus

Rietumu’s strategy is targeted at providing an entire range of financial services. In addition to other services, our corporate customers may use leasing opportunities for business development in Belarus.

Rietumu Bank owns one of the leading players on the leasing services market in the Republic of Belarus – Rietumu Leasing.

Rietumu Leasing’s team has been in business since 2002. Today, the company is amongst the top three largest private leasing companies in the Republic of Belarus and is a leader in transport leasing.

Extensive experience, a team of competent experts and access to European financial resources help Rietumu Leasing provide its customers with the best leasing solutions on attractive terms, and offer a top-level service and flexible custom-tailored approach to each project.

Rietumu’s customers may use all the services offered by Rietumu Leasing, including:
  • Leasing of trucks
  • Leasing of small commercial vehicles
  • Leasing of passenger cars for corporate customers
  • Leasing of passenger cars for individuals
  • Leasing of construction machinery
  • Leasing of special-purpose machinery for production and manufacture of non-metallic building materials
  • Leasing of production equipment
  • Leasing of commercial real estate

For more details and leasing terms, please visit Rietumu Leasing’s website
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