RB Trader Station – is a powerful feature-rich platform that allows trading on the global markets with an exhaustive range of assets via a single interface. RB Trader Station platform supports more than 50 different order types and algorithms, and offers advanced tools for trading and position management. Trading access to stocks, options, futures and other instruments on more than 100 exchanges in 24 countries.

WebTrader – is a web-based version of RB Trader Station with a simplified interface that best suits the trader, who is working with a single financial instrument, and does not have the need to use the sophisticated algorithms and order management tools.

Advanced technologies:

  • Single multifunctional interface that allows making quick and easy trading decisions in real-time
  • Additional software modules for sophisticated traders such as OptionTrader, FXTrader, BookTrader and Accumulate / Distribute algorithms
  • The ability to directly connect to the trading system using API (application programming interface)
  • To achieve the best execution Smart Routing technology is specifically designed to search the market for the best pricesto achieve the best execution.

Risk control and security:

  • Real-time margining systems that continuously monitor customers positions for adequate margin deposits
  • Free security devices that generate unique codes for additional account protection
  • Risk Navigator platform for risk management that allows traders to monitor their risk exposure in real-time

Comprehensive reporting:

  • Custom reports can be viewed in PDF or HTML formats and exported to Quicken, MS Excel and other formats
  • Daily review of market news and company fundaments from leading analysts
  • Newswires from the global news agencies, such as Dow Jones, Reuters, theflyonthewall.com and Briefing.com

Download and install the RB Trader Station platform. The program installed via this link will be updated automatically.

Latest RB Trader Station (automatic updateable)

Offline version will not update automatically, but has everything you need to install and run the selected version of RB Trader Station. To update, you will need to manually download and install new version of the platform.

Latest RB Trader Station (NOT automatic updateable)

You need an installed Java software on your computer to run RB Trader Station. To download Java, click here.