Dynamic overdraft is a mini loan for active users of payment cards. It allows the use of additional funds provided by the bank for making urgent and unexpected payments, as well as in other situations.

It is a convenient and flexible credit line – the reimbursement term for the spent amount is unlimited and the payment is made only for the actually used overdraft amount. The reimbursement takes place automatically at the time of the next supplementing of the card account.

Overdraft is granted with no additional collateral as the guarantee is the current assets on the client's account.

To activate the dynamic overdraft service, the client does not need to apply to the bank. Rietumu Bank sends individual proposals for the overdraft to its clients in the online bank iRietumu. If you would like to use this service, all you need to do is study the proposal, distribute the offered amount to the accounts of your payment cards and sign an order. The funds will be available on your account within a few minutes (except for the night break from 21:00 till 7:00).

The interest rate depends on the used card type. The rates can be found in the Tariffs section.

In the event of a considerable deterioration of the client’s solvency, access to the overdraft can be cancelled by the bank unilaterally. The overdraft can also be either increased or reduced within the framework of regular reconsideration of the financial figures of the client. Reduction of the overdraft, similarly to its cancellation, takes place one-sidedly and the client receives the corresponding notification at iRietumu. For increasing the overdraft, the client needs to sign the corresponding form received via the online bank.

Borrow responsibly, evaluating your opportunities for the repayment of a loan.