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Accumulative deposit

This type of deposit provides you with an opportunity to add funds to the deposited amount in order to increase the capital invested, thus increasing also the pay-outs at the end of term. The Term Accumulative Deposit is suitable for customers who have the possibility to deposit a part of their income regularly.

  • Deposit accounts in EUR, and RUB
  • Deposit terms range from 1 year to 5 years, RUB - from 6 months
  • Minimum deposit amount of 5 000 EUR or 1 000 000 RUB
  • Minimum amount of each additional deposit capital increase: 1 000 EUR or 150 000 RUB
  • Interest rates for added funds are set according to the current term deposit interest rates
  • Interest pay-out at the end of term
6 months3.40%
1 year0.50%5.65%
2 years0.80%6.15%
3 years1.00%6.30%
5 years1.65%6.40%
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Rietumu Asset Management provides its clients with an opportunity of forming an Individual Investment Portfolio.

The Individual Investment Portfolio is a flexible investment product compiled specifically for the client, with account of his goals, requirements, expectations and restrictions.

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