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Travel Accident Insurance

Rietumu Bank offers the following travel insurance cover to the cardholders of VISA / MasterCard Classic:

Medical Expense Insurance (due to disease or accident)

(medical aid rendered abroad; stationary or ambulatory treatment, purchase of medicaments; emergency dental treatment; transportation to the nearest medical facility or to the place of your residency)
* the insurance shall not cover sport accidents
EUR 75 000

(in case of death of the insured – transfer expenses to the place of burial and purchase of a coffin; in case of disease- transportation to the place of residency)
EUR 25 000
Expenses for Accompanying Person

(transport and accommodation expenses of a family member or an accompanying physician)
EUR 3 000
Personal Liability Insurance

(indemnity for losses caused to the third parties)
EUR 30 000
Accidental Death and Mutilation Insurance
EUR 10 000
Medical evacuation

(transportation of the injured to the place of residency)
EUR 50 000
  • Duration of stay abroad – 90 days within 2 years.
  • Insurance cover applies worldwide except the country of customer’s residence.
  • The customer may choose insurance cover having paid relevant annual fee.
  • Emergency services during travelling are included in your insurance cover automatically. Rietumu Bank will not charge franchise for medical expenses insurance.
  • Insurance company BTA shall cover customer’s medical expenses not only in case of unexpected diseases or accidents but also in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases.
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