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Unfeminine Art of Natalya Bessonova – in Rietumu Gallery

An exhibition of recognised Latvian artist Natalya Bessonova has been opened in Rietumu Art Gallery. About 30 new works created during the last two years are presented.

Natalya Bessonova is a well-known and recognised Latvian artist. Her style and manner are far from what is usually called “feminine painting”, rather on the contrary – reason and restraint, preciseness and even severity are present here. The artist combines sharpness in the drawing and dynamics of line with bright saturated colour, while achieving amazing harmony and expressiveness.

One of the first tutors of Natalya Bessonova in art was a classic of modern Latvian painting, the outstanding master Artur Nikitin, whose name is widely known in many countries including Russia, the USA and Europe.

As the maоtre said at the exhibition opening, “I remember Natalya from the time when she was a student at the Art Academy. She was always distinguished among other students – with her unusual colour perception, big love for bright colours and vivacious tones, as well as the ability to concentrate on the set task in painting and go all the way until its completion.

It so happens that women are a minority among recognised artists. In the 20 th century one can name Zinaida Serebryakova and Natalya Goncharova among the bright representatives of painting, and I place Natalya Bessonova in the same row as them. All these outstanding women are united by a purposefulness, a feeling of completeness and a big love for their occupation.”

The paintings presented at the current exhibition, with quite an unusual name – “S TatooSkvo”, considerably differ from earlier works of Natalya. Here one can see not only traditional painting but also graphics on canvas.

“These are absolutely new works and the exhibition is the first one in the last few years, which may be considered years of creative silence. I am very grateful to my friends and colleagues for their assistance and support, and to the spectators for their high assessment and warm words,” noted the artist.

Many recognised masters of art, painters and sculptors were seen among the vernissage guests – Victoria Pelshe, Evgeny Shitov, Nikolay Krivoshein, Valentin Danilenko, Georgy Zernitsky, Dmitry Lavrentyev and others.

Exhibition of Natalya Bessonova in Rietumu Gallery will last until 21 March. Opening hours – Monday-Friday from 9:00 till 18:00; admission free.

During the last four years, exhibitions of the best Latvian artists, photographers and sculptors, as well as foreign masters from Russia, Sweden, Brazil and other countries, are held in Rietumu Art Gallery regularly.

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