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Every customer of Rietumu Bank has a dedicated personal manager who can always be contacted regarding any questions related to daily account operations.

Your Personal Banker is a highly qualified banking professional who keeps track of your work with the bank, and is the one contact person with whom to discuss any issues related to your banking needs - whether it is about services to choose, payment-related issues to resolve, or any other operation.

Personal Banker are assigned based on language requirements as well as expertise in a particular field of business. You can find out who is your Personal Banker via iRietumu, by phone +371 67020505 (during business hours) or using Skype: Rietumu.managers.

Inesa LuseVice-president, Head of Customer Relationship Department

A team of experienced Personal Bankers is at your service to:
  • Help you choose the best combination of Rietumu Bank’s products and services
  • Make recommendations on the account activity in order to ensure fast and smooth transaction execution
  • Notify you about deadlines affecting your account operations, such as upcoming expiry of corporate documentation or agreements
  • Help you keep track of and assist in performing international currency operations
  • Make sure you’re not using redundant products or services (i.e. that your product range is up to date)
  • Help you locate reliable business partners
  • Introduce you to the related professionals in a desired field of business and to help gather information when conducting a financial or non-financial transactions or real estate transactions
  • Help you arrange a visit to Latvia for you, your family, your friends or business partners: From visa assistance to hotel reservations, car rentals, sightseeing and restaurants

You don’t have to spend your time on financial issues: your personal banker will duly perform the tasks assigned in time and with guaranteed confidentiality.

24h Customer Service
+371 67025555 Rietumu.Info
(for calls only)
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