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Brokerage in Rietumu Trading

Rietumu offers its customers brokerage services for trading on global markets and comprehensive range of asset management services.

Our division – Rietumu Trading – provides services for trading operations on stock, commodity and other markets, including shares, bonds, futures, options, FOREX trading, electronic platforms. To perform trading transactions you need to open a brokerage account with Rietumu.


Stocks or shares represent a certain share of a company’s equity capital and the right to participate in the company’s profits. Return on investment for stocks depends on the dividend rate and market price changes of the stocks.

You fully independently make your own decisions about all investment-related issues, namely: to buy or sell „what”, „when”, „how much” and „at what price”. If you need additional information for your decision we will certainly assist you in obtaining it if we can.

We execute your orders to buy or sell certain financial instruments as we have received them. It means that we do not offer our opinion on any given market sector. What we do is execute your orders as best we can.


By investing in bonds an investor chooses reliability and predictability. Bonds normally have a strict coupon payment schedule and a fixed maturity date, which makes it possible for an investor to plan his income with sufficient precision.

Bonds are good for accumulative investments when an investor gradually builds up his savings, for example, for education of his children, a house or retirement.

When forming an individual investment portfolio consisting of different types of instruments (stocks, risky bonds of developing countries, etc.) bonds are used for maximum protection of the principal amount.

Because there are many types of bonds with different risk (and income) levels, an investor can build his investment portfolio according to his financial capacity and personal preferences.


Foreign Exchange is the largest and most liquid market in the world with a daily turnover of about $ 4 trillion. The daily transactions volume exceeds the total turnover of the world's stock and futures exchanges combined. Forex is attractive for traders because of its high liquidity and around the clock trading.

FX market participants are banks, brokers, dealers, financial institutions and individual traders worldwide. Marginal trading on Forex is interesting not only for speculative purposes – earning on fluctuations in exchange rates, but as a hedging tool against a currency risk.

Rietumu FX

    Rietumu offers to its clients Forex trading in real supply and demand conditions:

  • Market liquidity from the leading banks – market makers
  • Immediate order execution via ECN
  • Tight spreads and quotes from the major liquidity providers
Download Mobile Rietumu FX


Futures trading

Futures are one of the most well-known financial derivatives. With futures trading, a trader can double or triple their assets during the day, but they can also suffer significant losses.

Rietumu Trading offers hedging possibilities (profit insurance) for oil-related businesses – you can hedge both against increase and decrease in oil prices by means of a wide range of financial instruments and our access to the respective markets.

Options trading

Options are flexible financial tools that can be used in various ways. Traders use options for speculative purposes, while hedgers use options to reduce the risk of holding the asset.

Options are widely used to hedge the risks of buying and selling shares. Call options give the right to buy at a certain price if the asset rises in price. Put options give the right to sell at a fixed price, if the asset’s price falls.

Our specialists will help to navigate you in the derivatives market. We will explain terminology and principles of trade.


Rietumu Bank offers loans against securities on terms and conditions that are normally only available to large institutional customers of leading US and European banks or brokerage houses.

The benefits of using the marginal lending offered by Rietumu Bank for buying bonds or stocks are similar to the effects from lending current assets – the rate of return from real investments increases, extra funds are available for other operations while keeping existing positions open.

    Terms and conditions:

  • Total financing volume for the securities of one issuer cannot exceed 0.5% from the current market capitalisation of a company.

  • In the case if the loan currency is different from the currency of the base asset, the initial margin, maintenance margin, stop loss are increased by 5%.

  • Total volume of the bond’s financing should not exceed 5% of the bond’s issue.

  • When financing shares of companies with market capitalisation exceeding USD 5 billion, only those securities (shares and ADRs/GRDs) traded on the stock exchanges of G7 countries are financed.

Trading Platforms

Professional trading platforms provide a full scope of investment activities – round-the-clock access to all major markets, quick and easy trading decisions and a comprehensive set of analytical tools. Mobile versions of the platforms allow the investor to trade from his account using virtually any mobile device.

Rietumu FX
Mobile Rietumu FX
Trader Workstation

Rietumu FX is based on the MetaTrader 4 platform from MetaQuotes. MetaTrader 4 is a popular choice for both experienced and new traders around the world since 2005.

Rietumu offers trading in real supply and demand conditions:

  • Trade FX, metals and energies
  • Market liquidity from the leading banks – market makers
  • Immediate order execution via STP
  • Tight spreads and quotes from the major liquidity providers
  • Scalping supported: no proximity restrictions on stop and limit orders

Rietumu Bank keeps up advances in internet technologies and offers its customers most convenient and modern solutions.

Using mobile terminals in daily activities offers a convenient way to keep up with your accounts when you don't have access to a desktop computer. Manage your trading account using smartphones and tablets powered by iOS and Android OS.

  • Extensive analytical capabilities of MetaTrader 4 trading terminal for PC are now available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • Interactive charts with deep history, scroll and zoom, as well as 30 technical indicators, all this is at your fingertips now

Trader Workstation – is a powerful feature-rich platform that allows trading on the global markets with an exhaustive range of assets via a single interface.

Platform supports more than 50 different order types and algorithms, and offers advanced tools for trading and position management.

  • Single multifunctional interface that allows making quick and easy trading decisions in real-time
  • Special Portfolio Margin accounts with real time risk management allow using more leverage with less risk

QUIK workstation is a powerful tool for online trading. Rietumu offers its clients stock trading on the Moscow Exchange and derivatives trading on FORTS Via QUIK workstation.

    QUIK features:
  • Various order types for simple and specialized trading operations: pending orders and six different types of conditional orders
  • Chart plotting using custom parameters and over 30 technical indicators
  • Real time quote streaming and high speed order execution
  • Programming trading strategies using QPILE integrated algorithmic language
  • Detailed reporting and dynamic data exchange (DDE) to MS Excel
  • Highest degree of information security


If you have any questions regarding the opening and servicing of investment accounts, as well as the services provided by the department of securities and financial markets, please refer to our experts in the sales department. Ilya Khagin
Head of Sales Department
Moscow, Europe, Israel,
Dmitry Vasilevsky
Sales Department Expert
Kiev, Saint Petersburg
Arthur Venskevics
Sales Department Expert
Europe, Belarus
Artem Sokolov
Sales Department Expert
Moscow, St. Petersburg,

If your region is not mentioned above, our experts will gladly consult you and, when required, will meet you at your location.


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Stocks Bonds Forex Derivatives Financing Trading Platforms
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