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Rietumu ID

Rietumu Bank has a modern, user-friendly and, at the same time, highly reliable system for the client’s cooperation with the bank – Rietumu ID.

When opening an account at Rietumu Bank, every representative of the client receives his Rietumu ID package.

What is inside?

Rietumu ID is a uniform 6-digit identifier of each client of the bank. In other words, this is your login at Rietumu Bank.

The pendant contains your password for access to the bank.

The one-time password is required for applying to the bank and for making non-payment orders: placing deposits, ordering payment cards, converting funds, submitting other applications and letters to the bank.

Each password is only valid for several minutes and cannot be used repeatedly, even if it is overseen or overheard.
The digital certificate and the test key are required for making an electronic signature.

The electronic signature is required for all orders of increased risk (for example, an external payment).

The Digipass device combines the functions of a one-time password (for applying to the bank) and a digital signature unit for making payments.

The device is not included in the Rietumu ID standard package and has to be ordered separately via the personal manager.



All your accounts can be connected to one Rietumu ID.

It is also possible to divide management of the accounts: for instance, to separate the accounts of a private individual from those of companies by ordering additional packages of Rietumu ID.

Rietumu ID is used both when visiting the bank in person and during remote operations.
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