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Christmas "Spruce" – a new symbol of ancient Riga

06-Dec-2017, 17:44 / Charity & Sponsorship On Wednesday evening the lights on the main Christmas tree in Riga, placed in the heart of the Old Town – the historic Town Hall Square, were solemnly lit.

Simultaneously with the forest beauty, the original art object "Spruce" began to sparkle there , the creation of which was supported by Rietumu Charity Fund.

Town Hall Square is a special place in Riga. It was the core of the medieval city: In the 13th century there was a market where merchants brought their goods. In the next century, the famous Blackhead House was built here – one of the main masterpieces of the capital of Latvia. There is also the Town Hall building, where the City Hall is located, but nearby you can find the most ancient sacral construction of the city – St. Peter's Church.

Today, Town Hall Square is one of the most beautiful places in Riga and the "top" tourist site. But it is especially interesting that the entire medieval atmosphere has been recreated here nowadays. By the will of history, it was Town Hall Square that suffered most during the Second World War – it was razed to the ground, and its restoration only began at the end of the 20th century.

As the legend goes, in 1510 the first Christmas tree in Europe was placed in Town Hall Square. In recent years the primacy of Riga has been disputed by Tallinn, but, anyway, this legend was already "fixed" in the city's memorial architecture several years ago – on the pavement near the House of Blackheads, a flag stone with the inscription "The Christmas tree in Riga, 1510" was installed.

And on Wednesday, in memory of this first Christmas tree the sculptural art-object "Spruce" was opened, initiated by Riga City Hall. The project was financed by Rietumu Charity Fund. It was presented to the residents and guests of the capital in a solemn atmosphere by the Vice Mayor of Riga Andris Ameriks and member of the Board of Rietumu Charity Fund Serge Grodnikov.

"Spruce" is made of bronze, it is not afraid of weather and seasons, and in the evenings it will delight the citizens of Riga and tourists with its lights all year round.

As the chairman of the Board of Rietumu Charity Fund, Inga Shina said: "On Christmas Day we are all waiting for a festive mood, a miracle, we have a strong sense of joy and warmth that fills us with love and care for each other. And our city is also a part of this holiday, it gives us its beauty, brings joy with its unique atmosphere and faithfulness: after all, no matter where your life has taken you, the city always remains with you.

I sincerely hope that both the citizens of Riga and tourists will like our "Spruce", and it will become another symbol of Riga, a monument of its history, helping one to feel the ancient spirit of the city and be immersed in its unique atmosphere."

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