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Important information regarding the Legal Entity Identifier code (LEI code)

10-Nov-2017, 16:47 / Products & Services We would like to inform You that in line with the requirements of the regulations of the EU, starting already from 1st of November 2017 the presence of the international Legal Entity Identifier code (further referred – LEI code) HAS BECOME MANDATORY for the legal persons in order to conduct the transactions with the derivative financial instruments, and starting from 3rd of January 2018 it will become mandatory FOR THE TRANSACTIONS WITH ALL FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS AND SECURITIES.

We would also like to emphasize that in case of either the lack of LEI code of the legal entity or if the client fails to inform the Bank about the obtaining of the LEI code before 3rd of January 2018, the Bank will not be able to accept orders of the client:

* to conduct transactions with the financial instruments;

* for the outgoing or incoming transfers of the financial instruments, by using the investment accounts in the Bank;

* to obtain or use the margin loan against the collateral of the acquired financial instruments.

The Bank will cease the provision of the margin loan, and will demand its early repayment from the clients, that will fail to obtain the LEI code and will not duly inform the Bank before 22nd of December 2017. Thereby, the Bank will be compelled to forcibly close all the position that were attained by the means of margin loan.

We strongly recommend to timely consider obtaining the LEI code for Your legal entity.

Shall you have questions in regard to obtaining of the LEI code or you require contact details of the agents, that provide services of that kind, please do not hesitate to contact the managers from the Sales departments of the financial markets of the Bank via phone: (+371) 67 025 284 or via e-mail: rw@rietumu.lv.

For more detailed information, please contact your personal manager.

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