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Subordinated Loans

This type of deposit has a number of features that allow receiving a higher return, on one hand, but set some significant limitations in relation to early deposit withdrawals. Minimum term of this deposit is 5 years. In addition, the subordinated loan entitles citizens of foreign countries to get a residence permit in Latvia.

  • Loans available in EUR, USD
  • Loan term – 5 or 7 years
  • The loan agreement is non-terminable throughout its term
  • Minimum loan amount: 100 000 EUR or 150 000 USD
  • Minimum loan amount to get a residence permit in Latvia: 300 000 EUR or 400 000 USD
  • Interest pay-out once in half-year
5 years3.00%4.00%
7 years3.50%4.50%

Subordinated Bonds

In 2012, Rietumu Bank successfully issued a number of subordinated bonds with the following parameters:

  • Currency of bonds – EUR and USD
  • Term to maturity – 7 years
  • Possibility of early redemption at the initiative of the bank – in 5 years
  • Nominal value – EUR 50 000 or USD 75 000

Rietumu bonds are registered on the NASDAQ OMX Riga stock exchange and are in public trading. Investors may sell and buy these securities on the secondary market.

Rietumu bonds can be acquired by private individuals and legal entities. Acquisition of these securities allows for applying for a residence permit in Latvia for the investors and their family members.

Rietumu will inform its clients on new issues of bonds and terms and conditions of such issues. This information can also be received at the bank.

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Rietumu Asset Management provides its clients with an opportunity of forming an Individual Investment Portfolio.

The Individual Investment Portfolio is a flexible investment product compiled specifically for the client, with account of his goals, requirements, expectations and restrictions.

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