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Exchange Processing Details

Rietumu Bank provides excellent service in currency exchange, offering transactions in different major currencies with different settlement dates.

Our customers can negotiate a preferred rate if the amount of a transaction exceeds EUR 5000 or an equivalent in other foreign currency. The preferred rate depends on the amount and settlement date of a transaction.

In order to fix a preferred rate and agreed upon other special terms and conditions of a transaction, please contact our dealing desk at +371 67025289, +371 67025209 or via Skype - Rietumu.Dealing from 09:00 till 18:00 Latvian Time (GMT +3). Transactions using the bank’s official currency exchange rates are executed until 18:30 Latvian time.

To request and fix a preferred rate you will have to provide the dealer with your Rietumu ID and one-time password from the DIGIpass. After you agree upon the rate, the conversion will be automatically executed within a few minutes. .

To accelerate the process of exchange order execution when transacting by phone, please indicate the exact amount of the sold/bought currency and the settlement date of transaction.

When buying Russian roubles till 13:30 Latvian Time, the payment (when required) is made on the same day. In winter – till 12:30 Latvian Time

Other conditions for Currency Exchange Transaction please refer to Section 18 of Terms and Conditions of Rietumu Banka and Customer Agreement.

On Conversions by Phone 

Starting from August 1, 2011 with the introduction of additional security measures you can perform the exchange of funds via phone by using your Rietumu ID – the most convenient, reliable and safe form of identification.

In order to perform a currency exchage you need to provide your Rietumu ID number and the one-time password. Then the exchange will be executed automatically.

24h Customer Service
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