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Credit Portfolio Financing

Rietumu offers competitive terms for your loan portfolio financing/refinancing. Thanks to its vast experience in the structuring of these transactions and the availability of the required infrastructure, Rietumu is in the position to find flexible and professional solutions for its customers.

Regions: EU countries, Russia, Belarus
Loan amount: from EUR 3 million (or USD equivalent)
Interest rate: from 7% APR
Period: up to 5 years
Currency: EUR, USD
Purpose: financing of leasing and mortgage portfolios, consumer lending and other financial portfolios

Terms of accommodation:

  • At least 3 years work in the business sector where lending is sought
  • The company’s positive equity and profitability
  • Lending – up to 70% of the loan portfolio volume
  • Availability of a loan portfolio that ensures the company’s break-even operation


  • Shares and assets of companies, personal and corporate securities
  • Loan portfolio
  • Receivables

Loan accommodation and its terms are considered by the Bank’s Loan Committee. A loan is accommodated only after the loan agreement and other documents have been signed and all prerequisites have been met. The Bank does not consider applications for financing of the projects that show speculative transactions.
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